Jason Khaw ~ vocals, guitars, percussion. 

My sincere thanks to the following musicians who contributed their time, effort and talent to making Freedom Badge. Special thanks especially  to Andre, Will and Fernando. The album would not have happened without  them. THANK YOU!

Andre Ricardo ~ drums

William Base ~ guitars, bass, percussion

Felix Wong ~ keyboards

Catherine Chan, Kit Toh ~ vocals

Ashley Chelliah, Karen Silva, Suzanne Santa Maria ~ vocals

Fernando Ricardo

Kay Lin Ng

The Lettonie Cello played by Kay Lin, is the 2nd cello made by instrument maker, Reimis Masens, from Dobele, Latvia in 1957. It was first brought to South Australia by an anaesthetist who is a member of the Australian Doctors Orchestra. It eventually found its way to Melbourne. Sung by expert hands, it drifted eloquently with the ebb and flow of Halfway There, elevating it as a well-travelled, experienced cello would.

Photo Credits :

Credit to Jason Khaw for all images except Jason Khaw (Credit: Rob Love); Andre Ricardo (Supplied); William Base (Supplied) ; Felix Wong (Credit: Rob Love), Ashley Chelliah, Karen Silva and Suzanne Santa Maria (Credit: Ava Lee Theseira) .