From the recording Freedom Badge

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Written and composed by Jason Khaw. Album: Freedom Badge.


Ain’t No Double O Seven
Jason Khaw

I ain’t no Double O Seven, I got no gun in my vest
I get my martinis from 7-Eleven, I don’t shake it, I just let it rest

I don’t use those fancy words, I don’t have no fancy car
I don’t have an accent when I curse, I don’t smoke , so forget the cigar
My watch just tells the time. It can’t drive a car, so I hope you don’t mind.
I get my pen from the bookstore. No way it can blow up this joint.

I don’t get no leading lady. In my band, they scream for Willie
I sleep alone most of the nights, I wear glasses to be clear-sighted.
Ain’t No, Ain’t No Double-O-Seven.

My car is a Toyota, it has no torpedoes or remote control
It’s doesn’t swim or fly. It has no tint, so nothing can happen inside

I don’t wear a Brioni. I got only 1 pair of shoes
I’ve not fought with anybody. If I do, I’d probably lose
but i did try to seduce, she got confused and promptly refused
I told you I Ain’t no Double O Seven

His name is James, James Khaw
Well, I’m his brother, that’s all
But I’m here to take you on, without frills, just with thrills, a view to a kill, if you will

Ain’t no Double -O Seven.