From the recording Peace River

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Written and composed by Jason Khaw
Jason Khaw : vocals, guitars
A plead for sanity and urgency.


Let it rain, let it rain, let it pour, let it pour
When it’s clear, we know what’s the score
The many times it’s been said, the many times it’s been seen
Yet we pretend that it is not as bad as it seems
This darn thing will certainly be upon us
We did this to ourselves in search of profits
How much more must we earn before we learn
That no one cares how much we have when we’re dead
The wind blows stronger and the cold cuts deeper
The rain just keeps getting heavier
The fire when it burns is deathly intense
She screams for help, we must be deaf
We still fight with guns and with soldiers
For reasons my mind cannot agree
Our history is all so obvious
Why does it repeat, why do we refuse to see
The virus came and taught us a lesson
We fight it with all we’ve got without question
It will rain hard and it will rain long
Please don’t it flood, else we’ll be gone.