From the recording Peace River

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Written and composed by Jason Khaw
Jason Khaw : vocals, guitars
For my dear friends.


You’re fun to be around, whenever no one’s here
Recognise the sound? You should know I’m near
It is not always fine, bottled up inside
Seeding my own mind, with you it comes alive
You’re fun to be around, when the story’s being told
Recognise the sound? As the end unfolds
Listening to the band, play that funny song
There’s that empty chair and then you come along
Ask me if I care, with whom my time I share
No one can compare, like coming up for air
You’re fun to be around, if the day turns bad
Recognise the sound? As happy kills the sad
Don’t tell each other lies, pain will be denied
Let me hear you sigh and you will hear me cry
You’re fun to be around, when I’m silly, play the fool
Recognise the sound? You’re the captain of the crew
It’s not a magic trick, not a selfish bait
It is just me and you, we’re lots of fun for two.