1. Shoulder Shrug

From the recordings Peace River and Shoulder Shrug

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Written and composed by Jason Khaw
Jason Khaw : vocals, guitars, woodblock
Phil Sheppard : bass
Sean Hutton : congas
Kay Lin Ng : cello
For you who see but not hear me.


I don’t think I’ve done much and time is running out
Does it really matter as long as I can twist and shout
What if the hair was different, will you take me seriously
Perhaps never, perhaps unconsciously
The tune is no different, the chords are just the same
I didn’t choose this costume, so would you still refrain?
The blues are from within. If not, it’s nothing but fake
Close your eyes, don’t you think we sound just the same?
Ooo yeah. Sing the blues. Fight your eyes. I am you too
The old records didn’t have the colour to be denied
We listened with our ears and not with our eyes
We let it turn, let it show us its true self
It didn’t matter if at first, it didn’t sell
Rock is still a roll, no matter the look of the face
If we like it, the song we blindly embrace
Turn on the machine, lay it on the deck
No matter the wheat, it is still a type of bread
Ooo yeah. East or west. Shrug my shoulders. Don’t care.