1. Just Get It On

From the recording Peace River

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Written and composed by Jason Khaw
Jason Khaw : vocals, guitars
Phil Sheppard : bass
Sean Hutton : congas
Please get it done - Voice, COP16 and COP 28.


Big boys, big girls come together
Big room, laptops, long table
Talk about terms and conditions
Lots of words and repetition
While the world at large keeps rolling on
Stop fussing about, just get it on
We as people are not together
We always like to fight and quarrel
Must we start with disagreement
The world needs better treatment
Don’t let it fall apart, we need to get along
Stop fussing about, just get it on
Stop running around in circles
Stop making too many speeches
Too many points in the document
Get us out of this predicament
Do it now and fast, don’t wait too long
Stop fussing about, just get it on
You have the power, don’t waste it on time
Wield it with haste but please be kind
The world cannot wait for indecision
Do it now before it’s too late.